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I am excited to announce that I will be showcasing a new collection of photogrammetry models titled "Amalgamations" in Tethered Public's latest augmented reality (AR) exhibition. These models represent a technogenic vision of the future, where waste, refuse, and detritus are repurposed and amalgamated into mesmerizing conglomerates of man-made materials.

Using the process of photogrammetry, I have captured the intricate details of these "fantasized future fossils" made up of an assortment of everyday waste materials that we consume on a daily basis.

This exhibition will provide a unique opportunity for audiences to experience these models up close and in full detail through augmented reality technology. By using AR, we can bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds and offer an immersive experience that is both engaging and informative.

Tethered Publics statement:

Step into the captivating world of augmented reality (AR) art through the innovative *Home Collection 2023* exhibition, curated by Tethered Publics. As emerging technologies transform how we perceive and engage with art, this exhibition strives to re-envision concepts of collecting and displaying items within domestic environments, seamlessly connecting physical and digital manifestations.

Available throughout the UK via the Tethered Publics app, this exhibition unites an eclectic array of digital art pieces, drawing inspiration from everyday objects, including artwork, antiques, collectibles, and other ornamental items. Each piece carries its own personal, shared, or historical significance.

Immerse yourself in a diverse collection of works, from enigmatic compositions of fragmented items to stirring reinterpretations of biblical characters. Uncover creations influenced by Chinese architectural roof charms and investigate pieces that probe the etymological origins of economy. Engage with the notion of collecting loss through a fascinating fusion of casino felt and autumnal foliage, and envisage a future inhabited by autonomous robot dogs and more.

The featured works encompass both digitally native and digitally imported objects, with some static and others animated. This capacity to enhance physical objects digitally in space surpasses the limitations of conventional photography in representing 3D art. Previously, a sculptural object could only exist online as an image; now, it can be explored as a tangible object, ready for re-contextualisation and real-time sharing. In this exhibition, the works are designed to be experienced within the comfort of your own home.

As you navigate the exhibition and interact with these digital artefacts, unbound by the physical constraints of ownership, witness the app's ability to bring these creations to life within your personal living space. The intention here is to challenge and disrupt traditional paradigms of collecting and displaying items. Through the app, you can manipulate and position them in any location you prefer. If a piece looks perfect in your kitchen, snap a photo and share it online.

By harnessing the power of AR technology, Tethered Publics aims to democratise access to cutting-edge technologies for artists and art enthusiasts alike. This exhibition not only eases the transition of artists' work into the virtual 3D domain but also sparks reflection on the future of art collections in the realm of immersive AR experiences.

We invite you to delve into and enjoy Home Collection 2023.

Preview of Tethered Publics: Home Collection.

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